CTAN is gearing up for this year’s conference, Ready For Any Future, and we are beyond excited to introduce Dr. Art Markman as our keynote speaker for CTAN University! Each month, CTAN highlights a member of our community who is making meaningful impacts in the Central Texas Out-of-School Time. We could think of no better person to spotlight as we ramp up to our biggest and best conference yet than Dr. Art Markman. Among his many roles and achievements, he is a professor of Psychology at the University of Texas at Austin, co-host of the Radio show Two Guys on Your Head, and author of the book, Smart Thinking. Read our short interview with Dr. Art Marman below.


About Dr. Art Markman

“I am a professor of Psychology at the University of Texas at Austin and Founding Director of the Program in the Human Dimensions of Organizations (HDO) at the University of Texas.  The HDO program teachings people in business, government, nonprofits, and the military about people to help them do their jobs more effectively.  The program offers a masters program and also one-day open-enrollment classes with our faculty.  Learn More

Over the years, I have done a lot of research on the way people think, and have contributed to the scientific literature on topics including reasoning, decision making, and motivation.  For the past 15 years, I have also tried to help people learn more about the way their minds work so that they can live their lives and do their jobs in better ways.  I blog for Psychology Today and Fast Company and do my radio show/podcast Two Guys on Your Head with Bob Duke.  I have written several books for broad audiences including Smart Thinking and Smart Change.”

About the 2015 CTAN University Keynote

“I will be focusing my talk on Smart Thinking.  We spend so much time worry about the scores that children get on tests, that we do not think enough about the ways that all of us can learn to think more effectively.  There are three key elements to smart thinking:  developing smart habits, maximizing the quality of your knowledge, and learning to use your knowledge when you need it.  In my talk, I will examine these elements and talk both about how all of us can learn to think more effectively and also how we can help our kids to get the most out of their education.”  Learn More About Smart Thinking

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