Public Awareness

We are a network of public and private partnerships that advocates for high quality Out-of-School Time for all children and youth in Central Texas.

CTAN collaborates with community partners year round to advocate for Out-of-School Time (OST) in its many forms. From afterschool to Summer Learning, CTAN and our membership understand that youth development does not stop at the end of the school day. We believe that in order for children and youth to grow and thrive we must advocate and provide consistent, quality Out-of-School Time programming.

Our goal is to increase public awareness about the need for high quality Out-of-School Time programming year round. Similarly, by engaging programs in critical conversations about youth access and outcomes, we envision that all programs in Central Texas will strive for continuous quality improvement.

CTAN Advocates for Out-of-School Time

Engage the public in critical Out-of-School Time conversations

Participate in the development and implementation of TXPOST Quality Standards

Developed and collaborate with the School’s Out Central Texas Coalition for Out-of-School Time

Partner and Support Youth Program Quality (YPQ), TXPOST, and Ready By 21 initiatives